Gaspro Leasing

Gaspro Leasing Israel’s leading boutique automobile dealer, provides creative, tailor-made transportation solutions.
Centrally based in the heart of Israel, and sales centers throughout the country, Gaspro has over 20 years of experience in car sales and leasing.

Gaspro was one of the first Israeli companies to introduce boutique car imports and customized financial solutions, and today cooperates with leading manufactures and exclusive cars agencies, to import automobiles from the US, Canada and EU countries.
Our success is a direct result of the personalized, highly creative leasing deals offered to our customers.
Working together with leading Israeli banks and financing institutions.

Gaspro provides tailor-made solutions to both its commercial and private customers.
We also have an impressive history of converting leads across industries and successful relations with our many happy customers.

Gaspro customers enjoy a number of attractive financing and leasing tracks, up to 100% financing over 60 months and low pricing of new cars.
Thanks to this made-to-measure financial structuring,

Gaspro annually sells over 1500 automobiles of all types and brands, from sub-compacts to luxury SUVs and from Ford and Toyota to Mercedes and BMW.
Looking for increased access to one of the strongest economies in the world?

Gaspro’s highly effective automobile marketing, distribution and service infrastructure is the place to start.

Gaspro – Flexible Lending and Leasing Solutions.

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